Queen of the danger, Mother of the saints

I thought i was prepared for the worst,
I just wasn't!
Nobody is,
and if you think you are,
How could i be so wrong?
How could i forget?
How could i?
I thought i was responsible,
guess i ain't,
and i hate myself for that.
My self-esteem got brused,
correction, it's gone!
How could you,
how could you,
how could you?
Make me feel beautifull,
make me feel i am,
make me feel!
Didn't feel a thing,
was it worth it?
Guess it will, later.
Now i feel like trash,
smelling and dirty.
Left on the road,
untill someone notices it,
and just
gives it another kick.
the train isn't waiting
you are late
someone is waiting for you
you think everything is good,
while all is bad!
You never ask why or how,
you just take what you want.
Show me the summer,
show me good times,
show me life,
let me enjoy,
let me find someone,
someone who understands me when i say nothing
who sees what my fuss is all about...

Summer is comming,
sjaakey is on her way,
no rooms for more,
just a backdoor,
and only i have the key!
Never said the codeword,
but you can keep guessing.
Suprise me!

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een reactie in de vragende vorm let me find someone....
moeten vrouwen als wij onszelf niet eerst zoeken???

Gepost door: soet | 20-06-05

(laat me vinden) mss ma als je teveel zoekt blijft er niets meer over om samen te ontdekken!!

Gepost door: ellen | 20-06-05

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